Osborn, Sasse. No difference?

Time magazine has picked up on the battle being waged among Nebraska conservatives because of Freedom Works’ decision late last month to switch its Senate-race endorsement from Shane Osborn to Ben Sasse.

Last week, a group of about 50 libertarians, Tea Party supporters and other conservatives signed a letter blasting Freedom Works for pulling its endorsement of Osborn. A few days later, a group of about 100 different conservatives fired back in support of Sasse.

The question no one is asking, though, is: How much is a Freedom Works endorsement worth, anyway? To Freedom Works, the Nebraska Senate race is apparently worth only $38.72, which was the group’s entire contribution to Osborn in 2014.

Below is a screen-shot from the group’s 91-page March financial disclosure form. It shows that Freedom Works gave Osborn $38.72 worth of social media, email support or printing on Feb. 28, bringing its 2014 spending on the Osborn campaign to the same grand total of $38.72.

Freedom Works is spending money this primary season, but mostly in Kentucky and North Carolina, where it’s lending its muscle to the effort to dislodge Mitch McConnell and Kay Hagen from the Senate.

It looks like Freedom Works honcho Matt Kibbe and talk show host Glenn Beck weren’t just kidding when they joked during the CPAC convention that it didn’t really matter to them who wins Nebraska’s senate primary, Osborn or Sasse.


A happy belated birthday to Melissa Sasse, the better half of Republican Senate candidate Ben Sasse. She turned 45 on Monday.