Meet our new staff members

We’d like to introduce you to Lola and Buddy, the newest members of the editorial staff.


Sorry we missed your call. Those weren’t dropped calls. They were dropped phones. We’re working on developing their phone skills, but sometimes they’re just asleep at the wheel.

Telephone Operators


Perfect Fit



Lola is also our tech specialist, so the lost posts and other glitches are her fault. Because they are unpaid interns, we can’t expect much from them. No we don’t pay them, but we have a rich benefit program.





Buddy doubles as a our medical director. He dispenses medicine and bandages for all the scratches and tiny holes that he and Lola leave when they climb our legs. Ouch

“Midnight Train to Georgia” will always rule at, but Lola’s found a new favorite song, but only because she thinks Eddie Holman’s signing “Hey There Lola Girl” rather than “Hey There Lonely Girl.” Whatever. It’s a classic and we like it too.







One thought on “Meet our new staff members

  1. Best of all, I bet they are a good source of catty remarks when you need them! (Tabby cats always are a winner! My first two cats were tabbies, and they are wonderful companions, purr-bodies, and entertainment! I’m glad you pointed out where to find these photos so I could get a peek at your new babies!)

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