The unNebraskan

7-Up was the un-cola. Ben Sasse is the un-Nebraskan. Kinda weird, cut from an entirely different cloth than the typical Nebraska legislator. Mike Johanns? Chuck Hagel? They were summer-weight wool. Sasse? He’s a noisy plaid seersucker.

On Tuesday, Mr. Unique made all Nebraskans proud (?) by  talking about the bladder control of  Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. Seriously. You can see it here.

Sasse supports Gorsuch’s nomination. If you stay through the whole clip, the conversation improves significantly.

Here at, we’re hoping that Senate Democrats boycott the vote on Gorsuch’s nomination. It won’t stop his confirmation, but it’s the appropriate response to a Supreme Court nomination stolen from President Obama by Mitch McConnell. We got a chuckle out of Sen. John Cornyn’s remarks Tuesday that he hopes Democrats will put partisanship behind them.  Do as I say, John Cornyn says. Don’t do as I did.


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