Update: Jason Dannelly

Jason Dannelly, the former athletic director at Midland University, was sentenced Wednesday to a year’s probation on misdemeanor charges related to his attempts to solicit sex from two female student-athletes at Midland.

Jason Dannelly's mug shot, as reported by KETV

Jason Dannelly’s mug shot, as reported by KETV

Dannelly, 34, was originally charged with two felony and two misdemeanor charges. He pleaded no contest to the reduced misdemeanor charges in February, according to reports in the Fremont Tribune and KETV/ABC in Omaha.

Dannelly is to reappear before Dodge County District Court Judge Geoffrey Hall in October, so Hall can confirm that Dannelly is complying with the terms of his probation. Dannelly faces 6 months in jail if he does not.

The Tribune reported this about the court proceedings:


Midland University President and U.S. Senate candidate Ben Sasse hired Dannelly, then a radio personality and sports broadcaster, as Midland’s AD in August 2011. Here’s what he had to say about Dannelly then — thanks again to the Fremont Tribune:

Sasse on Dannelly1

Sasse on Dannelly2

Dannelly’s offers of money in return for sex from the female student-athletes occurred in October and November 2012. Dannelly resigned from the college in December 2012, but he was not charged until July 2013, according to the Tribune. Fremont police spent seven month investigating the evidence, which included text messages from Dannelly to the female students.

Midland University prides itself on its sports program, which is undoubtedly a key recruiting tool because many high school students like the idea of playing “collegiate sports,” even at a  college with only 1,300 students. According to a Midland website, the school offers 25 varsity sports.


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