Palin endorses Sasse; more poll numbers

Former Alaska Gov. and Tea Party princess Sarah Palin has endorsed Ben Sasse in the Nebraska Senate race.

“Ben Sasse is the clear conservative choice in the Nebraska Senate Race,” Palin said in her endorsement on Facebook.

“He’s witnessed firsthand the corrosive effect big government policies can have, and he knows that Obamacare is as bad as it gets. Ben is a leader we need in D.C. now! He won’t forget who sent him there because his life is firmly grounded in his small town Nebraska roots.”

Palin, who served half a term as Alaska governor and was Sen. John McCain’s running mate in 2008, announced on her Facebook page Wednesday that she would soon endorse a string of candidates who had been both thoroughly vetted and were bound to “shake things up.”

Palin and Sasse not only share  a common conservative objection to Obamacare, but also a love of guns.

Nebraska Senate candidate Ben Sasse and his wife celebrated Valentine's Day this year with a romantic evening of gunfire -- an event they shared on Twitter.

Nebraska Senate candidate Ben Sasse and his wife celebrated Valentine’s Day this year with a romantic evening of gunfire — an event they shared on Twitter.

For what it’s worth, Shane Osborn defeated “undecided” 35 percent to 30 percent in a recent poll by Breitbart News and The Polling Company. Ben Sasse came in third with 24 percent. Support for the rest of the Republican field — Sid Dinsdale, Bart McLeay and Clifton Johnson — was in the single digits.

The poll showed that ridding the nation of Obamacare was the main concern of poll respondents, with Osborn leading Sasse 35 percent to 28 percent among those who strongly oppose Obamacare. Forty-three percent of those polled said economic issues were the main factor in their preference. puts this poll in the for-what-it’s worth category for several reasons:

  • Only six weeks ago, the Sasse campaign was trumpeting the news that Sasse had pulled into a dead heat with Osborn in a poll sponsored by the Conservative Intelligence Briefing blog.
  • None of the polls so far has met commonly accepted polling standards. The Sasse surge poll also raised questions about conflicts-of-interest by reporters Scott Clement and Peyton Craighill at the Washington Post.
  • It’s a Breitbart poll.

Are we going to have to wait until May 13 to find out what voters are really thinking?

5 thoughts on “Palin endorses Sasse; more poll numbers

    • Did you see the Netflix documentary “Mitt?” The most touching part was watching him finally awaken to the fact that, yes, he was losing the election. I wasn’t a Romney supporter, but you can’t help but feel for a guy who poured his heart and soul into six years of campaigning.


      • I don’t have Netflix. I’ve seen clips from it, and I saw a part where he’s in the hotel room with the family, watching the returns, and thinking about what he wanted to say in his concession speech. I would never vote for him myself (either), but he came across as more likable in that clip that the fellow propped up on the television during the campaign. The Benghazi reaction before the Obama White House even had a chance to respond was especially telling, as was the Jeep manufacturing jobs to China business. (Of course, Paul Ryan absolutely sealed the deal against him. The guy can’t open his mouth without spouting a dozen lies and distortions.)


      • I agree with those folks who say that if he’d been the Mitt Romney who was governor of Massachusetts instead of the ultraconservative who campaigned for president he’d done a lot better. Personally, I don’t think a majority of Americans like their candidates at the extremes, but those are the folks you have to please to win Republican primaries.


      • The increasingly extreme stances the Republicans have taken since President Obama ran the first time were sufficient to send me down to the courthouse to switch my voter registration from Republican to Uncommitted. I’m sure I’m not the only person to do this! I suppose I could have changed it to Democrat since I seem to lean toward the center and that party is more centrist than it used to be. Oh well, the only thing that matters is how I vote, not the label. I may have to revisit that decision and change it to Democrat so I have genuine choices in primaries instead of one item to vote on like the last primary. I can’t even tell you what that vote was for, it was such a “I don’t know anything about it or what the consequences are to vote either way…” issue.


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