Nebraska GOP: No to minimum wage, no to tonight’s debate

Chuck Hassebrook, the only Democrat seeking to replace Gov. Dave Heineman, was the only one of the seven candidates to say he would support a hike in the $7.25-an-hour minimum wage at a candidate’s forum in Lincoln on Tuesday.

Omaha television station KETV reported that all six of the Republican candidates for governor said they would veto legislation passed by the legislature to raise the minimum wage during the forum hosted by the Lincoln Independent Business Association.

You can find a report on the forum or KETV’s entire 42-minute footage of the LIBA event here.

And while we’re on the topic of Republican candidates for governor, the Nebraska GOP canceled the debate scheduled for Wednesday in Papillion on the very day it was to be held. Reported Robynn Tysver in the  Omaha World-Herald:

The Nebraska Republican Party has also canceled a debate among its four candidates for the U.S. Senate that was to be held April 7 in Lincoln. That date raised eyebrows when it was announced because the NCAA men’s basketball championship game was already scheduled for the same night.

Finally, happy birthday to Nebraska Senate candidate Bart McLeay, who will celebrate his 55th birthday on Thursday, unless it, too, is canceled by the GOP. McLeay would like to celebrate by raising $55,000 in campaign funds. Click here if you’d like to help.

CORRECTION: Mr. McLeay’s birthday is Feb. 28. uVoted4them apologizes. We have spring fever and were just a little too eager to put February behind us. Sorry.



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