Nebraska more Republican than conservative

According to the pollsters at Gallop: Nebraska is one of the most Republican states in the union, but not one of the most conservative.

Gallop found at least 10 states more conservative than Nebraska in 2013. The most conservative of all, according to Gallop is Wyoming, with a population that is 51.4 conservative. Also coming in ahead of Nebraska in conservativeness were Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Oklahoma.

The new poll showed a 37.5 percent approval rating for President Obama in Nebraska, compared to a national approval rating of 46.5 percent. Self-identified Republicans make up 50.9 percent of Nebraskans, with 34.5 percent identifying as Democrats or leaning Democrat, according to Gallop. That’s a hefty 16.3-point lead.

The District of Columbia had the most liberals, with 38.1 percent. Also in the most liberal column were Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Hawaii and California.

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