Coburn endorses Sasse; RNCC builds deceptive web sites

Nebraska Senate hopeful Ben Sasse

Nebraska Senate hopeful Ben Sasse

Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn has endorsed Nebraska Senate candidate Ben Sasse, whom he says he spent a considerable amount of time with while Sasse was an assistant secretary of Health and Human Services during the most recent Bush administration. He said he found the-then HHS staffer ‘responsive and very responsible.”

Lincoln Journal Star writer Don Walton reported Coburn’s endorsement of Sasse a few days ago. Said Coburn: “If he was running in Oklahoma, I’d vote for him.”

And, lest I forget, Sasse has a birthday card for Sarah Palin on his Facebook page that Palin fans are welcome to sign. The former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate hits the big 5-0 on Tuesday.

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The National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee has raised the ire of Democrats and others by putting up phony web sites that appear to support Democratic candidates, but are really fund-raising tools for the NRCC.

The NRCC has built at least 15 of these sites, including one targeting Arizona Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick, and says it plans many more as the 2014 political season continues. According to CNN, the NRCC has purchased hundreds of URLs bearing the names of Democratic contenders across the nation.

The sites typically feature large, attractive photos of Democratic candidates, but the copy bashes them for supporting Obamacare or some other program Republicans consider a crime against America, They also include a donation box, with the money going to the to the NRCC and Republican House candidates.

The text on the sites makes it obvious that it is not in support of the candidate, but supporters of the candidates will find them confusing, which is just what the RNCC wants. Daniel Scarpinato, press secretary for the organization, told CNN “we are very proud of this program.”

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